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Divine Favour

Name withheld for privacy concerns.

During the last week of the 40days fast and prayer, February 15th – 20th, God did the following for me;
A. My wife and I got a breakthrough on a personal transaction we have been praying for almost 1 year
B. A major mandate in my business was closed and it has led to another mandate being awarded to us
C. A professional recertification that was to be delayed for months was accompanied
D. A client part paid a loan , which was already regarded as a problem loan

The breakthroughs came after I paid my pledge for the Solomon’s Fund. Praise God

Divine Intervention

Name withheld for privacy concerns.

A. My Daughter got an admission to study medicine against all odds.
B. My first son was delivered in a car accident. The car was badly damaged as the car somersaulted several times but God rescued him without a scratch on his body. It was surely a divine intervention. Praise God
I thank God for his mercies and faithfulness to my family.


Name withheld for privacy concerns.

Sometimes in 2001, Pastor Dan Awusanya came to our Parish (RCCG Rose of Sharon) GRA Ikeja.  During the digging deep service, I had barely sat when he called out and said there is someone here, your name starts with Odus, you are from Ijebu and you work in a bank. I knew straight away he was referring to me so I stood up and he asked me to come out. On getting to him, he said the Lord said to tell me that I would lose my job, my entire possessions and that I would go the lowest level a man can go in life. I said wow.What a prophesy.

As I was still trying to come to terms with the message, he continued and said, but the Lord also said after all of this he would start with me afresh and I would go through the stages of a butterfly growth. Larva, Pupa and adult and that when I get to the butterfly stage, I would come out with bright colors like never seen before and the whole world shall see Gods glory in my life.
Barely 3 months after this I lost my job. My wife a then chartered accountant lost hers too.
We sold all we had and for years could barely feed. We didn’t have a bank account for more than 5 years. Just feeding from hand to mouth. But we held on to the prophesy. In all of this we determined in our hearts to do things with integrity and absolute fear of the lord. Sometimes in 2007 we got our first contract which everyone in the industry thought was impossible cos we competed with the best in class while we didn’t have the relevant experience at the time, but God on our side we were awarded the contract. That was the beginning.
Today we work for all the major oil companies and own all our equipment ranging from Remotely operated vehicles and Construction Vessels. These are multi million dollar assets and we are the only indigenous company with this capacity.
We have over a thousand expatriate in our employment. A couple of weeks back we got a list of top 100 companies in the country and we were amongst the first 10.
Only God could have done this. To him alone be the glory.

I have always had the burden to share this to encourage others and I must say I feel like a load is lifted off my should sharing this.
I must say there are a lot more but I had to really summarize this.

God bless you sir.